Exporting to AutoCAD DWG

File menu > Export > AutoCAD (*.DWG)

When you export to an AutoCAD R14 or AutoCAD 2000 drawing file, you convert your 3ds max objects into AutoCAD objects. Because AutoCAD doesn't support animation, objects export in a static state defined by the current time set by the time slider.

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3ds max to AutoCAD Export Table


To export a DWG file:

  1. Choose File menu > Export.

  2. Choose AutoCAD (*.DWG) in the Files Of Type list.

  3. Specify a file name to export.

  4. Set options in the Export AutoCAD DWG File dialog (described below).


Convert Groups To group

Layers—Places all objects within a group on the same layer, with the same name as the 3ds max group. Objects are assigned color By Object. Choosing Convert Groups to Layers overrides the Derive Layers By option for objects in a group.

Groups—Places all objects in a group in the same AutoCAD group. The objects are placed on layers according to the Derive Layers By option. AutoCAD groups are similar to named selection sets in 3ds max.

Derive Layers By group

Each 3ds max object is placed on an AutoCAD layer, according to your selection. Layer and AutoCAD object colors use the closest AutoCAD color match to the 3ds max object color.

Object—Places each 3ds max object on its own layer. The layer name matches the 3ds max object name. Objects are assigned color By Layer. When two or more 3ds max objects use the same name, the layers are numbered sequentially. For example, if you export three objects named Ball, you get three AutoCAD layers named Ball, Ball01, and Ball02.

Color—Places each 3ds max object using the same color on the same layer. The layer name is MAXCOLOR# where # is the AutoCAD Color Index that matches the 3ds max object color. Objects are assigned color By Layer. For example, all red 3ds max objects are placed on the layer MAXCOLOR1.

1 Layer—Places all 3ds max objects on the same layer. The layer name matches the 3ds max file name; the layer color is 0. Objects are assigned color By Object.

General Options group

Save as R14 File Format—When turned on, saves files in the AutoCAD Release 14 format instead of AutoCAD 2000.

Convert Instances To Blocks—Converts instances to AutoCAD block insertions. The block definition uses the same name as the first instance converted. Each block insertion is placed on a layer according to the Derive Layers By option. When turned off, each instance is converted as a separate AutoCAD object. References are always exported as separate objects.

Skip Hidden Objects—Exports hidden objects. When turned off, hidden objects are not exported.

Ignore Extrude Capping—When turned on, exports shapes with Extrude modifiers as 2D AutoCAD objects with a thickness property, and ignores the state of the Cap Start and Cap End parameters. When turned off, shapes with Extrude modifiers that also have Cap Start or Cap End turned on, are exported as polyface 3D meshes. Extruded Circles, Donuts, and Rectangles export as AutoCAD Circles, Donuts and Traces with a thickness property.

Export Selected Objects Only—When turned on, exports only currently selected objects. When turned off, exports all geometry in the scene.