Track View

Main toolbar > Curve Editor (Open)

Graph Editors menu > New Track View > Open Track View

With Track View, you can view and edit all the keys that you create. You can also assign animation controllers to interpolate or control all the keys and parameters for the objects in your scene.

Track View uses two different modes, Curve Editor and Dope Sheet. Curve Editor mode lets you display the animation as function curves. Dope Sheet mode displays the animation as a spreadsheet of keys and ranges. Keys are color-coded for easy identification. Some of the functions in Track View, such as moving and deleting keys, are also available on the track bar near the time slider, which can be expanded to show curves as well. You can dock the Curve Editor and Dope Sheet windows beneath the viewports at the bottom of the interface, or use them as floating windows. Track View layouts can be named and stored in the Track View buffer and re-used. Track View layouts are stored with the .max file.

Track View — Curve Editor

Track View — Dope Sheet (Edit Keys)

Typical Uses for Track View

Track View can perform a variety of scene management and animation control tasks. Use Track View to:

  • Display a list of objects in your scene and their parameters.

  • Change key values.

  • Change key timing.

  • Change interpolation between keys.

  • Edit ranges of multiple keys.

  • Edit blocks of time.

  • Add sound to your scene.

  • Create and manage notes about the scene.

  • Change the behavior of the animation outside the range of keys.

  • Change controllers for animated parameters

  • Select objects, vertices, and hierarchies.

  • Navigate the modifier stack in the Modify panel by clicking the modifier items in the Track View Hierarchy.

    Note: Tracks are created for animated vertices in Track View. A Bezier Point3 controller is the default vertex interpolation controller

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